Monday, February 13, 2012

Why does makeup make us look so good? Science and Beauty.

Sure most of us like applying makeup, sometimes to feel good, sometimes to look good to someone else, or to show off your individuality, ect. Why does makeup look good though? Makeup and science are 2 of my favorite things to learn about, so I though I would do a post on the science of why makeup looks good.

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~Red Lips~
Red lips look hot on everyone! But why exactly? Using anything with a red tint on your lips makes you look healthy to others around you, and a healthy look is attractive to people. If you are sick you should notice your lips are not as flushed as they normally are. Red lips also look great because it takes a confident woman to pull it off, and confidence is always beautiful. Red lips makes a woman look ultra feminine and confident.

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Whether it is black, brown, grey or navy, eyeliner gives that extra pop to anyone's eyes. Eyeliner is attractive to our eyes because it adds definition to our eyes. Defining your eyes can make you look edgy, independent, and unique. It makes eyes pop out more. If you use navy liner it will make the white of your eyes look brighter and healthier. Brown eyeliner makes you look naturally gorgeous. Eyeliner can also make your eyelashes look look longer, healthier, and more feminine.

This is not my picture, I do not own it.  

~Highlighter, Bronzer, and Blusher~
These three are usually used together for a complete, flawless, ethereal look. Bronzer contours your face making it look more slim and defined, blush gives you a flush to look alive and healthy, and highlighter pops out features you want to pop out; but all three also makes you look symmetrical. For all of time, people have viewed symmetry as beautiful to the eyes. We subconsciously find symmetrical faces beautiful. Darker/matte colors make features look defined, and lighter/shimmery colors make feature 'pop out'. When we add highlighter to the inner corners of eyes, we are drawing light into our eyes, and catching people's eyes to look into ours.

Beauty Fact- Did you know lipstick was considered an essential for female nurses in the armed forces during the Second World War, both to remind women that they were ladies first and military second, and because it might have a calming effect on the male soldiers. (Fact from 

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