Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A life with acne.....

I have had acne as long as I can remember now. I started getting acne in about 3rd grade, and since I was one of the few (if not the only one in my class.), to start getting acne, kids would say some pretty cruel things to me. When kids asked what it was, I would just say it is a rash, because most kids at that age would say how gross it was to have acne, and I was embarrassed to admit that it was acne. Acne is not gross in the least, those kids at the time just didn't understand it yet. Now it doesn't bother me like it used to, and I know so many other people out there are struggling with it too. I know the pain it can cause to your self-esteem and confidence. I didn't want pictures taken, I didn't want to leave the house, and if I did I would spend hours trying to cover every pimple and discoloration. I would never take my makeup off for anyone to see, even around my family I felt hideous all of the time. People without acne don't understand it all, they would think I don't wash my face or I was a dirty person. Which is all a lie, I'm a germaphobe, and life the cleanest person in the world, hahaha. It just isn't that easy, don't you think if it were that easy as just washing my face, that I would have done just that? I waited years to actually go to a dermatologist, since I'm so stubborn, I tried for years to get rid of it myself. Nothing worked. Finally when I went to the dermatologist, they prescribed Clindamycin and Retin-A to me. At first I was skeptical, because I have tried LOADS of creams/gels/ect., and it never worked..... so when I saw another gel, I was thinking it was just going to be another one of those products that don't work. Needless to say..... it WORKED! I cannot tell you how happy I am to say my acne is almost completely gone! All I have left is the discoloration, which the Retin-A will help with (to shed the old skin, and grow healthier skin faster!). I'm not telling you this to go out and buy a specific item, I'm telling you this because this could work for you too.

Two more things.....
-Use a rich moisturizer at night, the Retin-A dries out most people quite a bit. I didn't get dried out that much, but that could be because of my oily skin, and I moisturize like crazy. :D
-It takes awhile to see the difference in your skin. So if it seems like it isn't working, it is because you have to give it some time to work.

Seriously, if you are having problems with acne, you need to go and get Clindamycin and Retin-A, I hope this stuff will work as amazing for you as it did for me. :]

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  1. That's very informative. Congratulations. I would do anything to have acne free skin.

    1. You should really go see your doctor, most of the time they can prescribe Clindamycin and Retin-A to you without having to go to a dermatologist. I swear this stuff is amazing! Even if you feel nothing will work, it is like a miracle product. I really hope this stuff help you like it did me. By the way, thanks so much for reading my blog. :]

    2. Keep me informed if it helps you out! :]