Monday, February 6, 2012

Beautiful On the Inside, Makes You Beautiful On the Outside.

When people think of beauty, they usually think of everyone's unique faces, and all of the makeup and products we stick on our skin..... but the way our skin looks tells so much more. The beauty starts from within! It starts to make you think. Did I drink enough water today? Did I take my vitamins? When was the last time you had actual fruits and veggies? This post is going to be all about some ways you can take care of your skin from the inside.


Water is one the the things we need to live, and yet many of us aren't getting enough of it. I know you probably hear it all of the time..... buuuttttt... YOU NEED WATER! Instead of reaching for that soda, coffee (Although in moderation, coffee is good! Read the picture below!), or sports drink, how about trading it in for some water? I'm not saying you can't drink your Pepsi or favorite Starbuck's drink anymore, but don't drink it all day. Think of these more of a treat, and water as a choice beverage.

~Vitamins and Minerals~ 

Most of us forget our vitamins all the time and think, "oh well, I'll catch up tomorrow.....", some of us don't take them at all, but each day you go without vitamins, is a day lost without most of your needed nutrition. Sure it is better that we just eat foods with all of those great vitamins in them, but sadly little to none us us eat the foods we should, so at least take your daily vitamins. They do a body good! 

Here is a good list of vitamins, and what they are used for. 
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This is so important! None of us gets the sleep we should, but all of us are craving it. Studies show even a quick nap can do many amazing things to a body, as well as give you a quick jolt of energy. Even it the nap is 15-30 minutes. I think we can all fit this into our busy schedules. :] 

~Guilty Pleasures~
Things like chocolate, cake, and milkshakes; So yummy and fine in moderation! If we deprive ourselves of the things we want, we will get unhappy, and we all know unhappy bodies aren't healthy ones. I think we should all indulge when we want to, as long as we are giving our bodies what they really need as well. 

Antioxidants are super good for our bodies; So next time your hungry reach for one of these antioxidant rich snacks! 

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Myth Breaker: Did you know that chocolate doesn't cause acne? Chocolate itself is good for you! It is the loads of butter and fats that is stuck in the chocolate that makes it unhealthy. The higher the cocoa content, the less room for the stuff that is unhealthy. Dark chocolate is even better! They contain over 13,000 ORAC's per 100 grams ( Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Units: aka the measurement of foods with antioxidants), which is more than blueberries with a little over 2,000 ORAC's. 

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