Monday, February 6, 2012

Being Beautiful While Doing Beautiful Things.

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This is a post about animal cruelty/testing, which I am very much against because I don't see the need to test products for humans on animals. You will NEVER see me post a brand on here that tests their products on animals, I can promise you that! I will post brands that test and also ones that don't. I would love to get everyone into not buying these brands that test (so that these companies aren't getting money, and they change the way they run their business), but I don't think we will ever get everyone to ban these brands, but at least it would be great to change some people's minds about making their beauty routine's cruelty-free. 

Brands That Do Test
Max Factor 

Brands that DON'T test: 
Burt's Bees 
Wet N Wild 
Mary Kay 
Victoria's Secret 
Urban Decay 
L.A. Colors 
Hard Candy 
Naked Naturals 
Queen Helene 
Yardley London 

For more products/brands that do or don't test on animals, click the link below. ----->
Click here to look at all lists! 

Click here for companies/brands that DON'T test on animals! 
DON'T test- PDF file 
Click here for companies/brands that DO test! 
DO test- PDF file 

TIPS!- If your still not sure, you can still find out! Look on the back of the product, you should see either a small leaping bunny symbol (like pictured above! Sometimes it isn't the same bunny, but it still means it is cruelty-free with any bunny logo.) or anything that says anything similar to 'NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS' or 'CRUELTY-FREE'. Still if neither one of these are visible, contact the company. Most of them don't want to lose fans, so the write back right away. If they don't write back or skip around the subject, they most likely test. (They don't want you to know, because even they know what they are doing is wrong!) 

DON'T FREAK if you buy a product that tests on animals (it happens to all of us!), just next time avoid that product and look around on the internet to find out brands that don't test before you buy. Also don't throw away a product, just use the remaining. If you just throw it away, that is just wasted money and product. 

This is not my picture, I do not own it.  

I hope I encouraged you to make your beauty routine a little bit nicer! :] 

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