Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite YouTube Makeup Guru's

I learned all that I know about makeup mostly from the computer. Makeup Guru's on Youtube are hugely helpful, so I thought I would do a list of my favorite Youtube makeup guru's. 

1) Kandee Johnson 
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She is, and always will be my all time favorite! Her makeup is just so playful. She doesn't just sit there either, she is bubbly and quirky to watch, her videos are never boring..... in the best way possible. She seems so real, and is very relatable. She is the person who inspired me to be a makeup artist. :] 

2) Makeup Geek aka Marlena 
This is not my picture, I do not own it.  

Her makeup is done perfectly all of the time, and she has so many great things to teach about makeup. She is the one to watch if you are just beginning with makeup. I really want to try out her eyeshadows also, they look beautiful. (..... and cruelty-free!) 

3) Goss Makeup Artist aka Wayne 

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He really knows what he is doing! I have seriously watched so many of his videos, and I learn something new every time. I love how his take on makeup is more of the scientific way; he explains the 'why' in makeup tricks to help you better understand just what look you are trying to achieve. He inspired me to always explain the 'why' when I talk about things on my blog. If that makes sense. XD 

4) En Kore Makeup aka Koren 

This is not my picture, I do not own it.  

He does alot of amazing theatre makeup looks, which always come out looking flawless! He really shows you step by step how to do everything, and never leaves out the important details. He also has alot of cool tricks for multi-purpose products, his creativity is the coolest part of watching his videos! 

5) Diamonds and Heels 14 aka Cassandra 

This is not my picture, I do not own it.  

She is just all around cool! I look up to her because she has one thing in common with me..... having acne. I love the video she did bare-faced with acne, that showed everyone that you can be beautiful and confident in who you really are, and that is really inspiring to me. She was the one girl on Youtube with alot of acne, who showed the rest of us how to cover it. My acne is pretty much gone now, but she helped me a ton trying to cover it the right way. I also love all of her tips and tricks she has learned from modeling. 

Hope you all enjoyed this list! :D 

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