Friday, June 22, 2012

Yes, I'm quite the little feminist. (......... and proud!)

         Okay, well let me just say that I normally don't even read In Touch, People, or any of the other celebrity magazines; they do not portray 'real life' to me. My mom reads them though, so I was bored sitting on the couch and I picked up In Touch. I usually just take a peek at my horoscopes. Then I ran into a few articles that actually made me a little angry. Society in this day and age is just so messed up, people are told that there is just one kind of beautiful, when in reality, we each make our own unique beauty in just being ourselves. I hate those articles in these magazine that portray pregnant or post-pregnant women as fat, ugly, or disgusting; Why would you do this? As women, even if we don't notice it, we are constantly trying to be comfortable with ourselves and trying to ignore that false telling of what is 'beautiful'. It is even harder to love yourself when others are picking out our 'flaws'. 

         First, I would like to point out the extreme diets and excessive exercise that are put in these magazines. This is not normal, or healthy. Do what is best for you, and you alone! We are all different, our bodies are all different. Have you ever heard some of the things the Victoria's Secret models do to be as thin as they are? Adriana Lima for example; she does high intensity workouts TWICE A DAY, and 9 days before the show she stops eating and drinks protein shakes and water only, 12 hours before a show she will eat or drink nothing at all. Celebrities way of life is unhealthy and not suggested by doctors even. 

         Then articles in magazines and on websites are always telling celebrities that they need to look perfect, and it shows us images that aren't even 'real'. They make it seem like to be beautiful you must look like celebrities, and even celebrities don't look like they are shown to look because of photoshop and plastic surgery. These women look beautiful as they already are, there is no need for all of the photoshop. These images are put in our mind, and we keep thinking that we aren't good enough. 

         Articles are pressuring pregnant women to immediately lose weight and that they are disgusting, that they should hide their bodies. On pg. 30 is Jessica Simpson is supposedly wanting to lose 50 in 5 months, which first off losing that much weight in 5 months is not healthy. At most you should lose 1 or 2 pounds a week. Which in 5 months would be 20 pounds lost at most. Jessica just gave birth to a gorgeous baby, and then is getting mocked about her body. She looks normal! Some women take up to a year or more to lose baby weight, some never completely lose it, and that is okay. On pg. 46 there are people calling Tori Spelling things like, "gross", "discussing", and someone even said they "need to go to wash their eyes out"; and all of this is because she worse a revealing swimsuit while pregnant. If she is confident and happy, when why does it matter to anyone else? Then Uma Thurman was picked at for not wearing a bra......... wow, really? Normal girls sometimes don't want to wear a bra, is it that big of a deal? 

         What I'm trying to say is that, ladies, you look beautiful! Don't change for anyone, and don't listen to society about what is 'beautiful', make your own unique beautiful. I wanted to post about something that kind of bugs me, okay, really bugs me. Hahaha! I know most of you probably won't actually read this, but I'd like to thank those of you who actually do. I hope this makes you think, and even boosts your confidence. :] 

- (Celebrities up close look just like us; they have pimples, makeup smeared, ect.)