Thursday, February 2, 2012

What are blue and green lip glosses for?

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Sure in the tube blue and green lip glosses look a little crazy, right? Did you know they are completely wearable though? The green lip glosses are used to neutralize red tones in your lips. Alot of people however don't want the red taken out of their lips, but they do have another use. Apply the green lip gloss over a nude lipstick on your lips for a little gloss and it will take out even more of the red out of your lips. Now for blue gloss, this can be used alone or on top of colors. The blue neutralizes yellow in teeth, which in result gives you a brighter smile. If you add this blue lip gloss over any lip stick you have it will have the same effect. Any lipsticks or glosses with blue/green undertones or glitter/shimmer in those colors, will work in the same ways.

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