Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do smile to apply blusher? How to apply it the right way!

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Many of us are unknowingly apply blusher wrong. If you smile when you apply blush it will drag your face down. When you stop smiling, the color will go down with your smile. Blusher is meant to be put on your cheek bones for a more lifting effect. There are a couple of ways to find your cheek bones. You could feel around for your cheek bones with your fingers it is the area under your eyes, the bone that sticks out. The way I find easiest way to apply blusher to your cheek bones is to suck in your cheeks. You should see a sunken in area, and a prominent bone above that, that is where you apply your blush. 

Now you could apply your blush in two different areas for different looks.........
1) For a look that is flattering on everyone, and looks great with most makeup looks. Apply blush on brush of choice in small half-circles on your cheek bone from the area directly under your pupil to back by your hairline and ears. 
2) For a more subtle/contoured look, apply the blush on check bones in smalls half-circles to the area directly under the outer corner of your eyes going back by the hairline and ears. 

Quick Tips!- The second blusher look is best for bold or smokey eye makeup. It is a way to still wear blush without it looking like too much. 

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